Layout and landscapes

A art test I did for a studio

Ok, lately I'm making a game with a friend, and I have this opportunity to draw a few pictures for it, so here they are

Ok, after a long year finally I'm inspired to make a good piece of layout, this time I did a messy room, I feel the colour can still be better, but over all I'm satisfied with it

Here is a background I created trying to figure out how to draw a tree

I definitely didn't design this interior, it's for practicing line quality, but I end up getting serious about it. So I decide to share it

This is the newest room I did

This is a layout I did for third year film (the animation is on animation page)
perspective might be a little off, but I like the mood of it.


To practice perspective, I did this study from reference (a group of buildings in the City of London)
practice makes better~


I did the illustration of the rooms while working at Bell Canada